Our Services

Stunt Vehicles

We provide a wide range of vehicles specifically designed and modified for stunts and high-performance driving. These vehicles are built for safety and can withstand the rigors of filming.

Classic & Exotic Cars

Motion Picture Cars offers a range of classic and exotic cars that can be used for any kind of film production, from period pieces to high-speed chases. They are perfect for adding a touch of class and elegance to your production.

Trucks & SUVs

We provide a wide range of trucks and SUVs for productions, from delivery trucks to off-road vehicles. They can be used for a variety of purposes and are great for rugged landscapes or action sequences.

Set Prep

Our team offers a set preparation service that includes cleaning, detailing and modification of vehicles to meet the specific needs of a production. They make sure that vehicles are ready and in perfect condition when they are delivered to the set.

Set Cleanup

Motion Picture Cars provides a set cleanup service to remove any debris and make sure that vehicles are in perfect condition before they are stored. This includes cleaning, detailing, removing any special equipment or modifications and towing set vehicles after filming.

Fluid & Glass Removal

We also offer fluid and glass removal services for vehicles that have been used in stunts or action sequences. They ensure that vehicles are free of any hazards and are safe for use.


Motion Picture Cars can add custom graphics and decals to vehicles to make them fit the specific needs of a production. They can reproduce logos, lettering, and other designs to match a particular look or theme.

Decals & Wraps

We offer decals and wraps services for cars, trucks and buses. They can change the appearance of vehicles to make them look like other brands, models or make them fit a specific look that the client wants.

Bin Disposal Rental

We offer rental of large bins for the disposal of waste during the production, this can include anything from set materials, to food and clothing.


Motion Picture Cars provides storage for vehicles that are not in use, this can be short term or long term and is important to keep the vehicles in good condition and ready for the next production.

Scrap Vehicles

We offer scrap vehicles for special effects, pyrotechnic scenes and other similar uses. They are vehicles that are not in working condition and can be used for destructive scenes.

Vehicle Towing & Roadside Assistance

Motion Picture Cars offers towing services and roadside assistance for any vehicle that may have breakdown during the production and also for vehicles that need to be moved from one location to another. They also have professional drivers to move the vehicles when needed.